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Frequently Asked Questions

My daily driver is an AMG, will you work on my car?


Please inquire — we regularly service a wide variety of specialty European vehicles, and we are Mercedes-Benz certified. We’re always interested in taking on new projects when it makes sense for us and for our customers. 


Don’t I need to get my car maintained at the dealership to keep the warranty?

No, the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act of 1975 protects the customer’s right to choose their place of service, and prohibits product manufacturers from conditioning consumer warranties on the use of any original equipment part or service.


Your warranty is valid was long as you have proof the work was done. Repairs covered under manufacture warranty must be done through the dealership, but we can perform regular maintenance for less expense than the dealer. For repairs, we cannot do actual dealership warranty itself. 

Essentially, if the dealership isn’t paying for it, we can perform the work and save you money.



What’s the procedure to get my car in?


We’re a small shop with a constant schedule. Generally, all vehicles need an appointment, so please call (832) 582-7344 or email us, and we’ll get you scheduled at the first available time.


If it’s an emergency, let us know, tow it in, and we’ll take care of it.



Can I get a discount?


Yes! For customers who leave us reviews (Google and Facebook), subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media, we offer a permanent 5% discount. Here’s how:



Do you do Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI)?


At this time, we don’t do PPIs. Unfortunately, the market pricing on Pre-Purchase Inspections doesn’t allow for us to take the time to comprehensively check all the potential issues with the vehicle. There are simply too many significant liability issues that can arise. 


We are always happy to give quick advice, or perform specific checks, such as compression and leakdown tests.

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