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930: 2077

Last time, we showed you how Porsche evolved the classic 911 Turbo formula, when we did a deep dive into the tech of the 997 Turbo’s Mezger engine. This week, we’re showing you our approach to the future of Turbo.

Imagine the bombastic thrills of a 930, with the benefit of more capable tires, more compliant suspension, superior charge-cooling, and better boost management. For this 1986 Porsche 930, the future is now.

We were asked to upgrade this low-mile Turbo to have contemporary performance, but keep the classic looks so it wouldn’t bat an eye at a concours event.

We modernized the suspension as much as possible to drive like a modern GT car, while keeping the torsion bars — and character — of the Turbo.

The 3.3 liter motor breathes better with a valved exhaust, and puts out more power thanks to improved boost management and upgraded fuel delivery.

Visually, the timeless looks remain. Contemporary performance with all of the charms and quirks of the 930. It’s ready for the next 35 years, and beyond.

Contact us to find out how we can keep your classic running right — and more capable than ever.

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