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An Engine Note Transformed in Four Easy Steps.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

People ask us all the time what exhaust sounds best on an aircooled 911. We’ve tried nearly all of them. In most cases, without hesitating, we say one of the best combinations is SSI’s and a muffler from M&K.

When a customer heard the M&K muffler on our 1969 911 Sportomatic restoration, he needed to have it on his SC. We thought it might be fun to show this as a walkthrough on a 1980 SC. The result shows that even the smallest upgrades can make a profound difference.

1. Remove the old muffler

The old one wasn’t too old — a Dansk unit that delivered a nice sound but lacked punch and richness.

2. Unbox the new one

The M&K 2-in 1-out muffler is handmade from 321 stainless steel.

3. Fit the new muffler and gaskets.

It helps to have a second set of hands. And, of course, a lift.

4. Finishing up

Adjust the straps, install the tip, mark the connections, and wipe it down so it doesn’t get fingerprints when it heats up. Then, enjoy.

Contact us to see what performance exhaust solutions we have for your classic.

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