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New For 1986

The year is 1986.

You’ve cashed out of your hot tech startup — leasing commercial telephone equipment to offices — for a cool $7 million.

It’s time to buy your dream car with your newfound fortune, and announce your status to the world, while you find new markets to conquer – like fax machines. Or beepers.

There’s the 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo, with 282-rated horsepower from its 3.3 liter flat-six. This one’s had a few tweaks to push it well beyond that.

Or the 385-horsepower, flat-twelve Ferrari Testarossa.

Both turn heads, and are equally capable of spinning the laughably-primitive period tires.

Whichever your choose, you take it to Modern Aircooled for servicing, which, for the purposes of this hypothetical discussion, was up and running in 1986. Modern Aircooled has the knowhow, the experience, and the patience to keep these iconic classics running just right.

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